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At you will find everything about core drilling

From diamond core drilling rigs and core drilling machines to drill rigs, magnetic drilling machines and wet and dry vacuum cleaners to floor grinding machines

  • reliable service
  • modern products
  • precise workmanship
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We are your reliable manufacturer for industry and trade

As a manufacturer of core drilling machines, we are aware of our responsibility to supply our customers with high-quality and reliable products. Our products and are tailored to the requirements of industry and trade and are developed and produced by our experienced and qualified team. As a customer of Kernlochbohrer you enjoy the following advantages:

  • High quality and reliable products
  • Extensive technical support
  • High availability of spare parts
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Certified manufacture of our products

Our products are of the highest quality, and we know this through the satisfied customers who place their trust in us time and time again. To ensure that we maintain this high quality standard, we subject our manufacturing process to regular and thorough quality controls. These controls include both internal checks and independent audits by external experts.

Our company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, which means that we adhere to internationally recognised standards for quality and environmental management. These certifications confirm that we have systematic and effective management aimed at meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations and minimising our environmental impact.

Highest quality in the manufacture of our products is our highest principle

Our company prides itself on providing you with high quality tools that enable you to achieve outstanding results. We have set ourselves the goal of developing products of the highest professional quality and therefore offer you only the best solutions. Our tools are carefully selected and developed to give you the best possible performance and reliability. With our products, you can be sure that you will achieve first-class results.

What makes us different

  • Years of experience in machine and tool construction
  • Certified product manufacturing of the highest quality
  • Highest care in the selection of material and raw materials
  • We are experts and offer outstanding service
  • Our goal is to achieve outstanding results
  • We measure success by the optimum, not the minimum
  • We face challenges with competence
  • Only the best is good enough for our customers

Revolutionise your work: faster, more efficient and more precise with our innovative product developments

Our core drilling rigs are designed to meet the demands of the modern construction industry, giving you the ability to get the job done faster, more efficiently and more accurately. By using innovative technologies of automatic controls, our equipment is able to increase the accuracy and speed of your drilling.

We have also invested in the development of robust and durable materials to ensure that our equipment can withstand the toughest conditions and last a long time.

Highest quality in product and service: Our offer for core drilling equipment

In addition, we also offer excellent customer service and a wide range of spare parts and accessories to ensure that your equipment is always in top shape. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with not only high quality products, but also the best service.

Learn more about our innovative product developments and how they can help you do your job faster, more accurately and more efficiently. Contact us today and request a free consultation.

Exclusive advantages

The best tool for your requirements

High quality workmanship

Our products are made of durable and robust materials that ensure a long service life and high reliability

Powerful engines

Our drilling machines are specially designed for use in industry and offer maximum performance with minimum effort.

Maximum precision

We use state-of-the-art technologies that ensure unsurpassed precision in every bore.

Absolute efficiency

Our machines are equipped with advanced features that help you increase the efficiency of your work.

High reliability

By using the highest quality components, we guarantee you a high level of reliability and a long service life for our machines.

Various sizes

Large selection of industrial drilling machines in various sizes and power classes, as well as a wide range of accessories.

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