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Diamond milling discs with T-protective segments

Diamond milling discs with T-protection segments are high-quality tools for cutting and machining hard materials, whereby the T-segments protect against premature wear.

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Ideal for expert and accurate execution.

Thanks to a high diamond concentration, our diamond milling disc offers a convincing cutting performance and long service life, which means fewer tool changes and faster work processes. It is especially designed for the installation of underfloor heating, whether in existing screed or wooden floorboards. Technically, the milling disc stands out with T-protection segments for increased durability and soldered segments for stability. Tightly interlocked block segments guarantee precise cuts, while the soft bond stands up to even the hardest building materials. Quality is confirmed by EN13236 certification.


Durable milling discs directly from the manufacturer

Clean cut

Our milling discs have been specially designed for demanding industrial use and not only ensure precise and clean cuts, but also efficient operation with minimum effort.

Optimum efficiency

Our milling discs are manufactured using advanced alloys that increase the efficiency of your work. These materials enable precise and fast cutting, which significantly improves your productivity.

High diamond concentration

With increased diamond concentration in each segment, our milling discs offer outstanding cutting performance and durability. For you, this results in less frequent replacement requirements and increased work efficiency.

Installation of underfloor heating

For conversion work and the installation of underfloor heating, our diamond milling disc is ideally suited. Whether you are adapting existing screed or working on wooden floorboards, our tool guarantees you an efficient and reliable conversion.

T-protective segments

Thanks to the innovative T-protection segments, our lenses not only offer extended protection, but also a significantly extended service life. This feature ensures that you benefit from longer and more reliable performance.

Various sizes

We present a wide range of milling discs available in various T-shield segments and diverse shapes to meet the diverse requirements and specific applications in the industry.