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Diamond core bits

Here you will find a selection of high quality diamond core bits specially designed for use in wet and dry drilling. The laser welding process ensures a longer service life and more precise cutting quality.

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Frequently asked questions

A diamond core bit is a tool used for drilling holes in hard materials such as concrete, stone, masonry and tiles. It consists of a metal cylinder set with industrial diamonds. These diamonds are the actual cutting tool as they are harder than any other material. During the drilling process, the diamonds are pressed into the material to chip it and create a hole.
There are different types of diamond core bits that vary depending on the application and material. Some common types are dry core bits, wet core bits, tile core bits and hollow core bits.
Diamond core bits are used for a variety of applications including drilling holes for pipes, cables, ventilation systems, plumbing and more. They are used in the construction industry, by tradesmen, plumbers, electricians and tilers.
Choosing the right diamond core bit depends on several factors, such as the material to be drilled, the desired hole size and the type of drill. It is important to check the specifications of the core bit against the requirements of your project.
Diamond core bits are available in different sizes and shapes to meet different drilling requirements. The size is given in millimetres and the shape can be cylindrical or conical, depending on the drilling depth and desired hole diameter.
Diamond core bits are suitable for drilling in hard materials such as concrete, masonry, natural stone, tiles, asphalt and glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).
The life of a diamond core bit depends on the quality of the bit, the material being drilled and the working conditions. Wear of the diamonds or the metal body can affect performance. A diamond core bit should be replaced when it is dull or no longer cuts efficiently.
When using a diamond core bit, proper protective measures should always be taken, such as wearing safety glasses, hearing protection and respiratory protection if necessary. It is important to read the operating instructions of the drill and the diamond core bit and to follow all safety instructions.
Yes, there are diamond core bits that are suitable for both wet and dry cutting. Wet cutting is often used to ensure better cooling and to extend the life of the crown.
To prolong the life of a diamond core bit, it is important to clean it thoroughly after each use and remove dust, dirt and debris. Proper storage and occasional maintenance are also important to maintain the performance of the crown.

Diamond core bits for wet and dry drilling

Here you will find a selection of high quality diamond core bits specially designed for use in wet and dry drilling.

  • Laser-welded
  • long life
  • precise workmanship
Image Description

Diamond core bits for various materials

Diamond core bits are special drilling tools used for drilling materials such as metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick or walls. They are available in different designs to suit the specific requirements of the materials being worked. Each design of diamond core bit has unique features to ensure optimum performance and efficiency while working. Our wide range of diamond core bits allows our customers to choose the right tool for their specific needs and applications.

  • High quality and wear resistant
  • Premium quality
  • Efficient drilling machining
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Diamond core bits laser-welded in premium quality

Our diamond core bits are an indispensable tool for demanding drilling work and are manufactured exclusively using the laser welding process. This process enables us to guarantee an excellent quality of our drilling tools that meets the highest demands. Our laser-welded diamond core bits stand out for their precision and durability, making them the perfect choice for anyone who needs efficient and precise drilling work. Whether you need to drill into concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry or other materials, our laser welded diamond core bits offer unmatched precision and performance in any application.

Your advantages

Diamond core bits directly from the manufacturer

Large selection

Our diamond core bits are extremely versatile and available in different sizes and segments to meet a wide range of requirements.

Enormous reliability

To ensure high reliability and durability of our diamond core bits, we deliberately use high-quality raw materials.

More precise cut quality

Our drill bits are capable of making clean and precise cuts through various materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry.

Powerful performance

Our diamond core bits have been specially developed for industrial use and offer maximum performance with minimum effort.

Wet and dry drilling

They are suitable for wet and dry drilling and deliver precise results even under the most difficult conditions. We offer a wide range of diamond core bits for different materials and applications.

Diamond cutting materials

Due to its hardness, diamond is the hardest material used to cut or drill other materials. Diamond tools such as diamond drill bits are therefore extremely powerful and can be used in many applications.